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  3. Product details
  4. Shopping basket summary
  5. Delivery and pick up options
  6. Save and Share Cart
  7. View order history / View & create job lists
  8. Fast order

Our website puts stock, product and price information at your fingertips.

Simply register at and use this guide to help you track your orders, expenditures and product preferences so the information you need is right there, every time you login.

Nedco User Guide - Here To Help

We’re here to help

Nedco has E-Business Specialists to help you use and make your business operations more efficient.

This guide is to help you navigate your way around as well as help finding product information and account-specific pricing; how to use admin features like order and invoice history keeping your finger on the pulse of your Nedco account.

We are on the look out for ways to improve the experience.

If you need help reviewing your online purchases or even just launching a web browser, we can lend a hand.

Save time and money with NEDCO.CA


Find product information, order status and account specific pricing 24/7 on

WHY makes it easy to source the products and information you need. Detailed product specs, order history, account history and delivery details are within reach anytime.


Like all of Nedco's business channels, is designed with our clients in mind. We’ve listened to what our customers need from and incorporated special features like Save and Share Cart, Job Lists and Customized Pricing Information to meet these needs.


Online registration.

Registering on means you can order products, see custom pricing for your account and review invoices and the history of all your orders any time you login. Here’s how it works:

Nedco User Guide - step 1a
Step 1:

From the landing page, click REGISTER

Nedco User Guide - step 1b
Step 2:

Select Guest Account if you do not currently have a Nedco account

Select Trade Account if you have an existing customer account

Want to apply for a Trade Account? Click Trade Account and then select “No account? Apply for one”

Top >> 2

Searching for products.

Finding the products you need is easy with multiple search options
and customizable results displayed on

Nedco User Guide - step 2a
Step 1:

Search using keywords, categories, product codes, manufacturer names or manufacturer numbers

Browse by category or brand

Nedco User Guide - step 2b
Step 2:

Navigate to a specific results page

Sort product listings by relevancy, product name, supplier name or product code

Adjust the number of products displayed per page

Top >> 3

Product details.

Once you find the product you’re looking for, click on the summary to go to the Product Details page.
Here, you’ll find product specifications, customized pricing and pick up/delivery information.

Nedco User Guide - step 3a
Section 1:

See your current session’s navigation history

Find items quickly using the Fast Order number

Determine pricing customized to your account

Find stock availability, pick up and delivery information

Order items easily with the Add to Basket function

Segment project lists and save items for future orders with the Job List function

Receive data sheets with detailed product specifications

Nedco User Guide - step 3b
Section 2:

See detailed product information

Review stock availability at other branches for pick up

Top >> 4

Shopping basket summary.

Found what you’re looking for? Great. Click on the “Add to Basket” button for information on the product pricing,
availability and delivery or pick-up.

Nedco User Guide - step 4a

Add the details of your order to a Job List to make future orders easy

See stock availability and backorder quantity

Nedco User Guide - step 4b

Move items from delivery to pick up and select pick up branch

Nedco User Guide - step 4c

View the summary and subtotal of your order

Top >> 5

Delivery and pick up options.

Now that you’ve made your purchase,
choose how you want to receive your order.

Nedco User Guide - step 5a
Section 1:

Select direct delivery

Choose a Nedco branch for pick up

Nedco User Guide - step 5b
Section 2:

Select if the recipient will be someone other than the purchaser

Input your purchase order number for easy tracking – Mandatory

Easily choose the shipping address from a drop down list of locations for your account

Choose to receive/pick up items at one time, or as they become available

Top >> 6

Save and Share Cart.

Share your cart list with a colleague
or another department within your organization.

Nedco User Guide - step 6a

Click on Share in your Basket Summary

Enter one or more email address you would like to share your cart list with. For additional information or instructions include an optional message to be included with your shared cart

Nedco User Guide - step 6b
Save Cart:

Save your current product list to be referenced at a later date and/or shared in the future.

Step 1: Click on My Account on the landing page. Select My Cart List tab

Step 2: View your cart listing within the My Cart List tab. Reference, share or add the My Cart List to your basket

Top >> 7

View order history / View & create job lists.

Review and manage your order history
and track the status of present orders.

Nedco User Guide - step 7a
Step 1:

Click on My Account on the landing page

Nedco User Guide - step 7b
Step 2:

Select the Order History tab:

Use a range of search criteria to streamline your order history results

See order summaries or click “view” for detailed information

View the current status of every order placed in the past

Nedco User Guide - step 7c
Select the My Job Lists tab:

View the items within the Job Lists or add the Job List to your basket to order

Top >> 8

Fast order.

Quickly order individual items or upload multiple products
from your own Excel files.

Nedco User Guide - step 8a

Click on the “Fast Order” link on the upper right hand portion of the landing page

Nedco User Guide - step 8b

Enter the product code of the item you want, then select the quantity

Nedco User Guide - step 8c

Click “Add to basket” to order

To quickly order several products, import an Excel file with product codes and quantities. Click the “Choose File” button under the blue Upload File bar. Once you’ve selected your Excel file, click the Upload CSV File to Basket bar

Not sure what your Excel file should look like? Don’t worry. You’ll find a sample Excel file (called a CSV file) on the bottom left portion of the page

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